relaxed beautiful young 5-year old child cross-legged with bare feet breathing alone, closing eyes for yoga and meditation near water and trees

Mindfulness is starting to be introduced in schools across the country and enjoyed by adults, children and young people and teachers in the schools.

There are many ways in which mindfulness can help children and young people, including improving their wellbeing, learning about their thoughts, feelings and emotions, helping to reduce worries, stress, anxiety, considering how they behave in situations or when facing difficulties. It also helps them to feel more relaxed and increase their focus and concentration; especially helpful when approaching exams.

Young children can embrace mindfulness very easily and engage in the programme extremely well. Working with a five-year-old child as part of a family retreat day was both educational and extremely entertaining, and we all had lots of fun.  Exercises such as belly breathing with stuffed animals; garden yoga; making calming jars for when feeling out of sorts etc

Recently, a lady was telling me how mindfulness had helped her daughter during exams.  She told of how her daughter had recently sat down to do an exam and when faced with the paper her mind went completely blank and she just couldn’t focus.  She went on to say that her daughter then closed her paper and focused on a breathing technique taught to her by her school.  When she was ready, she opened her exam paper and went on to finish the paper with a clear, focused mind.  This is not to say that this will happen for everyone, but it is just one example of how young people can embrace and use mindfulness tools and techniques that are available to them.

Here at Equilibre, we run ‘Mindfulness for Children and Young People’ sessions; available as a one to one or group session.

For more information on the programme for children and young people, contact Ann at Mindfulness @ equilibre by email at or phone 07807767600.