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"Be happy in the moment, that's enough. Each moment is all we need, not more." Mother Teresa

Mindfulness allows us to be fully aware of our life as we live it - moment by moment.  It's a way of paying attention to the present moment; enabling us to become more aware of our thoughts, feelings and emotions.  In turn, it helps us to build up our resilience so that instead of being overwhelmed by our difficult experiences, we are better able to manage them.

There are many reasons why people practice mindfulness.  Those experiencing mental health concerns such as stress, anxiety, feeling low or depressed find it beneficial; others simply practice to improve their health and wellbeing.  Some find that it can help them be more effective in the workplace and schools are now starting to introduce mindfulness into the classroom for both students and teachers.

When we practice mindfulness daily we can make positive changes to our  life.  However, not only do these changes impact on our own life, but they have a ripple effect also, as we reach out more positively to those we connect with at home, work, school and in our community.


Mindfulness for you

Our lives are so fast- paced that we often forget about the here and now and spend too much time focusing on what has been or is yet to come.

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Mindfulness for work

Have your employees ever suffered from a stress-related illness, maybe due to their workload or changes happening in the workplace?

relaxed beautiful young 5-year old child cross-legged with bare feet breathing alone, closing eyes for yoga and meditation near water and trees

Mindfulness for kids

Mindfulness is starting to be introduced in schools across the country and enjoyed by adults, children and young people and teachers in the schools.